The International Sustainability Indicators Network

The International Sustainability Indicators Network is a member-driven organization that provides people working on sustainability indicators with a method of communicating with and learning from each other. Through listserv discussions, virtual and in-person meetings, and special programs and trainings, the Network facilitates shared learning and development among sustainability indicators practitioners and others.

The Network also seeks to increase the use of sustainability indicators as a means of promoting movement toward sustainability at all scales, from local neighborhoods to the global economy.

ISIN was founded on the basis of Dana Meadow's definition of a network:

"A network is nonhierarchical. It is a web of connections among equals. What holds it together is not force, obligation, material incentive, or social contract, but rather shared values and the understanding that some tasks can be accomplished together that could never be accomplished separately. One of the important purposes of a network is simply to remind its members that they are not alone."
- D.H. Meadows, Beyond the Limits

As an ISIN member, you help determine how active and strong the Network is by the level of your participation. In particular, the work groups and the listserv provide great opportunities to work on the challenges practitioners face and to learn what others are working on and thinking about. This is your Network, so get involved today!

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