Burlington Legacy Project

Burlington has won national awards for being a livable city, for offering a vibrant lifestyle, and being a place where people can choose to raise families. These are a few of the many attributes that make Burlington unique. The Legacy Project was created in 1999 to help maintain those qualities that we all cherish about our city, and create a comprehensive plan to guide change for the economic, environmental, and social health of Burlington for years to come.

The process was overseen by a diverse steering committee. Its members included leaders from the business, low-income, environment, academic, youth, and social service communities. They were charged with coordinating a public involvement campaign and preparing the action plan.

Thousands of people from all age groups and all parts of the city participated to build a common vision of Burlington's future. Citizens were asked to identify what they value most about Burlington and what they hope future generations will not have to experience. Numerous open meetings, focus groups, and discussions were conducted resulting in an action plan that was shaped and prioritized by Burlington residents.

The Burlington Legacy Project Common Vision:

  • maintaining Burlington as a regional population, government, cultural, and economic center with livable wage jobs, full employment, social supports, and housing that matches job growth and family income
  • improving the quality of life in neighborhoods
  • increasing participation in community decision-making
  • providing youth with high-quality education and social supports, and lifelong learning opportunities for all
  • preserving environmental health

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