G R A C E - Global Resource Action Center for the Environment

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[GRACE is a private non-profit based in NYC. It is the home of 7 Major Non-corporate Sustainability Sites: FactoryFarm.Org, The Meatrix, Eat Well Guide, Sustainability Table, H2O Conserve, Network for New Energy Choices, & National Energy Research Data Base. Each site provides amazing services for LOCAL and SUSTAINABLE minded people and groups and is worth checking out. There is are no advertisements or corporate sposors listed. If anyone finds out more about this organization please comment. They are not willing to disclose who organized this nonprofit and who funds so it is unclear what motivates the backer. However, it all appears to be consistent with higher order principles shared by most sustainabily minded people and groups.]
GRACE Mission Statement
"Working with research, policy, consumer and grassroots organizations, GRACE promotes and helps develop community based production and consumption of food, water and energy.
Creating innovative awareness campaigns, GRACE advocates for economically and environmentally sound alternatives to practices that are harmful to the ecosystem and public health."

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